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International Symposium on Electronic Art

14 to 18 August 2015

Research Paper and Presentation

3×4 at Web We Want Festival 2015

28 to 31 May 2015
10.00am-4.00pm BST / 2.30pm-8.30pm IST
Southbank Centre, London
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Southbank Centre - Web We Want Festival

Audiences in Delhi and London experience, perform and play in a shared digital space.

Two identical installations measuring 3 x 4 metres are draped in chroma-key fabric that creates a live mixed-reality video connection. This allows the audiences at Southbank Centre and at an arts venue in Delhi, to coexist and interact with one another in the same room. The installation connects the two cities, live, six hours per day.

3×4 at Alchemy Festival 2015

15 to 25 May 2015
10.00am—4.00pm BST / 2.30pm—8.30pm IST
Southbank Centre, London
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Southbankcentre — Alchemy Festival

Spanning five time zones the installation will be connected 6 hours a day from: 10.00am to 4.00pm in London and 2.30pm to 8.30pm in Delhi, combining two cities not just spatially but temporally, from the start of one person’s day to the end of another’s. The networked convergence of these two physical 3×4 metre structures and their urban locations will allow these diverse public audiences the opportunity to explore networked spaces as new mixed-reality hybrid environments. It will make it possible to experience, not only the presence of geographically distant participants, but also a sense of coexistence with them.

3×4 at the UnBox Festival 2014

12 to 14 December 2014
10.00am—4.00pm GMT / 3.30pm—9.30pm IST
Festival Village, Southbank Centre London
Khoj Studios, S 17 Khirkee Extension, New Delhi

From 12 to 14 December 2014, visit the Southbank Centre London or Khoj Studios New Delhi to participate in 3×4, an exploration of metaspace platforms for future inclusive cities. 3×4 creates an immersive, telematic environment by merging two identical 3×4 metre room installations at the Southbank Centre, London and Khoj International Artists Association, Delhi to provide a playful, sensorial exploration of new hybrids of digital space.

Co-Creation Workshop during UnBox Festival 2014

10 December 2014
Khōj Studios, S 17 Khirkee Extension, New Delhi

In advance of the live installation for the UnBox Festival, participants were invited to a co-creation workshop on 10 December 2014 at Khōj Studios, New Delhi. The workshop provided an introduction to the conceptual foundations of the project and the opportunity to develop creative content. The workshop was led by Professor Paul Sermon, Dr Claire McAndrew and Swati Janu.